Sunday, 11 April 2010

Four weeks old - daddy's first cuddle, and the first time we saw Sophie's face!

Phew, what a week this has been! Cuddles with daddy AND us seeing her without her mask and hat for the first time :)

Daddy doing some cheek-stroking!

Sophie is now being weighed every three days and is putting weight on steadily. She is now 2lb 6oz which seems really big compared to her birth weight of 1lb 13.8oz. It's really nice to see her past the 2lb mark.

She has been a bit of a toerag this week and has been trying to pull all her tubes out, so she has been wearing some mittens that are far too big for her to stop her from doing that!

On Thursday, it was a lovely nurse looking after Sophie, so I asked her when Daddy might be allowed cuddles with Sophie. She asked what time he would be coming in and when I said he'd be in just after 5pm, she said he could get Sophie out that night!! I was so excited that he was finally going to get to cuddle his baby - probably nowhere near as excited as he was when I texted him to tell him, but excited nonetheless!

Alan's colleague Dougie was in to meet Sophie that night, and he took so many photos of the first cuddles :)

Daddy absolutely loved his cuddles with Sophie - he'd had a horrible day at work, but cuddles with his little daughter made everything alright again. It was so sweet to see them snuggled together and they both looked so happy.

One of our first family photos...

On Saturday when we went in to visit Sophie, the grumpy nurse barged Alan's dad out of the way and grumped "Let mum in"! I thought she was just being her usual grumpy self - especially when I started asking her if she wanted me to put the milk in the fridge or the freezer and she barked "Just look at your daughter"! When I turned round and looked at Sophie, there she was without her mask covering her face - she was off the CPAP and only had her feeding tube and another little tube under her nose! It was so amazing to finally see what our baby looked like after four whole weeks - and she is gorgeous! She had been off the CPAP for a whole hour and was about to go onto it again but the nurse had actualy kept her off till we got in and saw her without her mask - surprising, when it was the grumpy one!

Finally seeing Sophie's face

The next day when we went in, the nurse took the CPAP off and also took her hat off and we finally got to see what she properly looks like! She has a lot of very dark hair and she is just beautiful. We finally saw her looking like a proper little baby - it's been so hard wondering what she looks like all these weeks and impossible to imagine her ever looking like a full term baby, but she actually does look like one - just really tiny! We have seen so little of her face up till now - we could see she was cute but we had no idea just how cute!

Our gorgeous girl

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