Sunday, 16 May 2010

9 weeks old and lots of cuddles

This has been quite a week! Sophie was in her own clothes for the first time, and her Granny (Sinclair) and Grandad (Baxter) got cuddles for the very first time - a moment they've been longing for.

Alan and I didn't go up on Sunday to see Sophie as we are trying to have one day each weekend at home to try to catch up with things - hard though it is being away from Sophie, we really need a day at home once a week. Steph and Brian went to see Sophie on Sunday and she was in one of her own outfits for the very very first time! I can't believe I missed that, but Steph kindly took a photo for us :)

Sophie in her first ever "own outfit" - size of outfit: 3lb!

I spent all day on Monday in the neonatal unit with Sophie and she was doing really well. She managed 9 hours off CPAP and when the nurse put it back onto her, she was fighting with it so much it was taken off again! I was allowed to lift Sophie out of her cot myself for the first time which was a bit scary with all the wires and monitor leads, but I managed and had a lovely long cuddle with her. I also changed her babygro for the first time ever!

Sophie had her immunisations that night and we were warned she might be a little bit off colour the next day. She wasn't too affected by them, but she did have to spend the day back on CPAP.
The day after that, she was back to spending 9 hours off.

Granny had her first cuddles this week, and Sophie was in the cutest outfit I have ever seen in my life - a wee pink velvety babygro with mouse feet complete with ears! Grandad (Alan's dad) also got his first cuddles the next day. Grandpa's turn next week...

Granny's first cuddle

Grandad's first cuddle

Sophie's latest weight update is 4lb 10 and she is getting really good at sooking on her dummy while she is getting her tube feed! She wore another of her own outfits for the first time this week (thank you Nic and Rick!) and looked soooo cute in it! It's a "tiny baby" outfit but still pretty big on her! She's been a wee toerag pulling her feeding tube out all the time - even during a feed.

Uncle Greig and Aunty Claire visited this week and saw a big difference in Sophie as they hadn't seen her since she was still in her incubator in intensive care. They were able to touch her for the first time.

Besotted aunty and uncle!

Sophie's daddy and I are allowed a lot more cuddles now which is amazing...she is really starting to feel more like "our baby"....

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