Sunday, 20 June 2010

14 weeks - daddy's first father's day!

It's funny we were, wondering if Sophie would arrive in time for Alan to be a daddy on Father's Day, and she arrived on Mother's Day! We certainly didn't see that coming! Sophie gave her daddy a photo frame that says "Me and My Dad" on it but we still need to sort out a photo for it.

Sophie's had another very busy week. We took her into my work on Monday to meet everyone, then on to visit her great granny. She got lots of lovely presents from work - some she fits now and some she will grow into :) She's spent a lot of time visiting her grandad and her granny and grandpa and we've had the first visit to the health visitor. She has also had her second set of immunisations, poor lamb. She seems so tiny to be getting her second set of jags already but they go by the baby's actual age rather than their corrected age for the immunisations for premature babies.

Sophie's first cuddle with Great Granny

I think I found it more upsetting than Sophie did when she got her jags - I couldn't watch :-( She needed lots of cuddles and lots of feeds afterwards and didn't really settle well at night - she was a bit off-colour. The health visitor was meant to organise some calpol for her but she didn't do it for three days, by which time the need had passed!

She has been through a really hungry phase this week - probably a growth spurt! She is now 5lb 14 and still looks tiny. When we go out with the pram, people keep asking if she is a new baby and we have to go through the whole long story! It takes us a long time to get round Morrisons!

Cuddles with Daddy

Grandad bought Sophie a Winnie the Pooh gym which she absolutely loves, and she goes for piglet every time! Clearly she's going to be like her mummy and is going to like piglet the best. She started trying to suck her fingers this week and she has really grown - a babygrow that was far too big for her the day she came home now fits her!

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