Sunday, 4 July 2010

16 weeks and our little piglet is growing so fast!

I'm afraid I've missed a week here - everything has been so busy! We are quickly getting used to having Sophie at home, and absolutely loving being parents. She is such a good natured, contented baby, and she sleeps well at night. She's feeding every 4 hours, day and night, so usually she's just up once in the night. It normally works out that she is up around 3am and 7am which is fine.

She is still absolutely loving her baths and gets one every night before bed. It really seems to help relax her and get her settled for sleeping.

We had our first visit to the house from the health visitor this week. It was a long visit with lots of questions, and Sophie was weighed. She is now 6lb 6, which means she has gained 8oz in a week :) We measured her today, and she is 18 inches long - 13 inches longer than when she was born. She's still wearing "tiny baby" and "early baby" clothes but you never know, she might fit into her newborn clothes soon!

We bought her a playmat that has lots of scrucnchy bits on it, and a mirror, so she has been having tummy time on this mat. She has been using her legs to try to move herself up it, kind of like a mini crawl, and can also push herself up on her wrists! It looks ridiculous on such a tiny baby.

We met Grandad for coffee one day this week and then took Sophie for her first walk along the seafront at Spittal. She completely missed it, as she was sleeping!

Grandad pushing the pram

We also spent an afternoon with Granny and Grandpa, and Granny and I took Sophie for a walk. It was a lovely hot day and Sophie looked so cute in her little white dress!

Granny pushing the pram

Sophie's Uncle Michael, Aunty Lesley and big cousin Alasdair are coming up next week which will be lovely. They've not seen her since she was three weeks old, so they are going to see a massive difference.

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