Sunday, 14 February 2010

23 weeks...and glove feet??

23 weeks pregnant today, and baby brain hit with a vengeance this week! I put my coat on the other morning, picked up my bag and my gloves and went out to the hall to put my boots on. Lifted my foot up and put my boot on then realised it didn't feel quite right. Looked down....and I had a pink stripey glove on my foot!!! I ended up laughing like a lunatic all on my own!

My new shoes :)

Later that day, my boss gave me some money to go and buy some biscuits for the office. I went out, bought some other bits and pieces that were needed and came back. A while later, she asked me where the biscuits were. "Biscuits?" I said, looking slightly vacant. "Yes, the biscuits I asked you to get earlier. I even gave you money." Then it slowly dawned....I had managed to come with dog biscuits but without the human ones! I definitely need to start relying more on lists!

I am feeling a lot more movement and kicking this week, and one night when I was in the bath, felt constant kicking from the outside! Unfortunately, Baby B is still very speedy and Alan has still always been in the wrong place at the wrong time when the kicking starts. It's usually as soon as Alan goes to sleep at night! One of these days he will hopefully feel it....there is getting to be less room in there all the time, so soon enough Baby B won't be able to dart about quite so swiftly.

I have been less hormonal this week than the past two weeks but still just a touch emotional if I get over-tired! I ended up howling on the phone to my poor mum on Thursday night - there's nothing like your mum asking if you're sure you are ok to set you off howling when you're feeling a bit hormonall! I didn't even know what was wrong with me, I just wanted to howl!

I'm starting to have real trouble bending down to pick things up, and I can definitely see me starting to use my feet more for that. Maybe it's just as well I put my gloves on my feet if I'm going to be using them as hands :)

I was told this week "My goodness, you STILL don't have much of a bump, do you?!" Erm...hello? I just have a cushion stuffed up my top, that's all. No bump. The same person went on to have a good paw at my non-bump, even lifting my cardigan up....she definitely has personal space issues!

I still don't feel particularly pregnant, (apart from the kicking and tiredness), and that is still causing me to misjudge spaces - and also to race around like a lunatic doing all sorts of jobs around the house without sitting down for hours on end, then all of a sudden the backache sets in and I realise I've been on my feet too long! Getting out of the bath is getting interesting now but I have worked out quite a neat little move for that. We'll see how long that lasts before becoming impossible....

I bought some really cute little scratch mitts yesterday after a friend reminded me that would be something we'd need when the baby is born. They are so small and it's hard to imagine that someone will be wearing those in just a few months! We were looking at little outfits yesterday in Boots....if only we knew what we were having I'd definitely have been tempted!

Alan made a start on the nursery-to-be this weekend and dismantled the bed at last.

There is still quite a lot of stuff to be gone through but at least all my pregnancy books turned up along with a few missing items of clothing and we can now see our way to creating a lovely nursery for Baby B :)

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