Sunday, 21 February 2010

24 weeks and daddy's first kick :)

24 weeks pregnant today - a bit of a milestone for baby B as he/she has reached viability. S/he has been very active this week and the kicks have been getting so strong, which is lovely. Daddy-to-be finally felt his first proper kick on Saturday night, and it was so strong it actually made his hand jump on my stomach! For days and days, he tried putting his hand on my stomach every time I said the baby was kicking, but as soon as he put his hand there, the wee toerag moved or stopped kicking! But finally on Saturday night we were lying on the bed watching TV and I felt two really hefty kicks, got Alan to put his hand on my stomach and baby B co-operated at last! It was amazing. It does feel funny if I am sitting with my legs curled up against my stomach and I can feel the kicks on my leg.

We have had a weekend away in St Andrews this weekend - one of our favourite places as it's where Alan proposed, and also where we got married, not to mention where I spent my four years as a student!

We had such a lovely time re-visiting old haunts, raking the shops, catching up with people and just spending quality time together, which we don't seem to have had much of lately. We definitely plan to take Baby B up there for holidays - it's such a beautiful place and so many nice walks and things to do.

Baby B is giving me a lot of backache at the moment....according to our nurse neighbour, s/he is sitting on the sciatic nerve and making my right leg and foot go numb! It really hurts when I try to stand up or bend down as well - but all worth it in the end.

We haven't been able to resist looking at baby clothes every time we are in the shops - such cute little outfits all over the place.

I've been trying to get a lot of early nights as I've been feeling a lot more tired after work. Alan has decided that my usual chair is closed until further notice and I have now been moved to the couch which is much comfier.

I still have baby brain and I'm sure it's getting worse! This week's best baby brain moment was when I took all the work mail to the post office, bought 200 first class stamps, stuck the stamps onto the mail that I had with me and went back to the office only to discover that I was still clutching the pile of mail in my grubby paw! I also said to Alan "For a Hibbee you have a lot of friends who are Jambos...." - the ultimate insult, calling a Hearts supporter a Hibbee...oops! I totally meant to say it the other way around but it just came out all wrong!

I'm getting even worse than usual for starting a sentence in my head and finishing it out loud, leaving poor Alan completely confused, and this morning I came out of the bathroom and triumphantly said "uptight!!!"....having just remembered a word I was looking for on Friday!

The nesting instinct is definitely setting in already. We have spent the afternoon since we got home doing a huge clean of the living room and moving the furniture and cleaning in all the corners. We haven't done any more with the nursery but still plenty time for that....

At the end of this week we are getting Alan's dad's dog, Sammy, to stay for two weeks. She loves to sit on my knee and put her paws on the bump, so it'll be interesting to see what happens when she gets her first this space!

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