Sunday, 28 February 2010

25 weeks....serious back pain and a white dog!

Here we are at 25 weeks today and it's been quite a week. I am yelping every time I move! I have had a hideously sore back for the past week, going right down into my leg and even my foot and it is agony. Even to turn over in bed, I have to actually haul myself into a sitting position and get out of bed, then back in on my other side! Poor Alan has been getting woken up by yelps of pain every time I attempt to move. I haven't yet got stuck in the bath but have been stuck on the floor a couple of times. I must be a slow learner, as I still keep sitting on the floor and having to be hauled back up again!

My fingers seem to have got a bit swollen too and I keep having to take my wedding and engagement rings off in the middle of the night. They are not even comfy through the day today :(

I also had another scare early on Tuesday morning after Alan had gone to work and had to get our nurse neighbour in again to listen for the heartbeat and check that everything was ok. Fortunately she could feel the baby moving as soon as she felt my stomach, and she eventually found the heartbeat, although Baby B was wriggling so much it took a little bit of locating! The baby gave the doppler a hefty kick at one point and deafened poor Stella! S/he doesn't like being poked at with a doppler - the same happened to the midwife last time she used it! I got to hear the heartbeat too after Stella had found it, and it was loud and strong and much easier to hear now that Baby B is getting so much bigger. I was still ordered to sit with my feet up for two days and had to stay off work on Tuesday and Wednesday. Those of you who know me well will know that I don't do resting, and it was driving me crazy by Tuesday evening! I just wanted to be busy....

Baby B was very quiet all day on Tuesday which made me a little bit worried, but s/he more than made up for it on Wednesday and was up almost all day. I was woken by a feeling of being punched and kicked at the same time and when I put my hands on my stomach, I could feel it moving at both sides at the same time! This kind of behaviour went on all day but I have to say I was very reassured to feel it so much.

We now have a small white bundle of energy staying with us, in the form of Sammy the dog. She is here for two weeks while Alan's dad is on holiday and she is one hyper animal! The first night she was here, she kept insisting on leaping onto my bump so we had to put a stop to that pretty sharpish and I now have to protect it with a cushion when she starts flying around! For a small dog she certainly has more than enough energy and despite two long walks on the beach yesterday, she was still going strong at bedtime.

The poor cat is a bit traumatised and is currently living upstairs. He has moved there properly for the time being and has taken all his belongings with him...his food, his litter tray....he has forgotten his beanbag though so maybe we should take that up for him. He has occasionally ventured half way down the stairs and stuck his head through the bannisters to have a look at this new white animal that has invaded his home but as soon as Sammy moves, Jessicat starts baring his fangs and hissing, and his tail puffs up into a massive furball! I just hope he reacts a bit better to Baby B! The rabbit is not reacting at all to Sammy, even though she leaps up and down at his hutch as if she is on a trampoline every time we let her into the back garden. He just sits in his hutch thinking "Lalala, nice day today, oh there's a white dog, ho hum, lalala".

I think I have sorted my maternity leave out now, which is good. It's nice knowing roughly when I am working towards! I'm looking at finishing at the end of April and using up my holidays before starting maternity leave mid-May. I have to get my letter in to them this week confirming when I want to start but I did discuss it with my boss last week so at least unofficially have a rough idea of when I'll be starting it.

I have ordered a maternity swimming costume from Next so as soon as that arrives I will be down to the pool...hopefully some gently swimming might help this hideous backache...

It's just suddenly starting to dawn on us that we are actually going to have a baby in a few months...up till now we've just been thinking about me being pregnant but we were talking yesterday and saying how we both are suddenly beginning to think about how there is going to be an actual baby living in this house very that is our very own! It's a very exciting thought, but at the same time a little bit scary that we are going to have this huge responsibility. I started panicking the other day because I have never really had anything to do with newborns, let alone changed a nappy! I'm sure we will pick it up soon enough when we are thrown in at the deep end. I've also started to get quite scared about giving birth, after trying not to think about it up till now. It may have something to do with the fact that I finally plucked up the courage to watch "One Born Every Minute" which is currently on every Tuesday! Maybe that was a mistake...

My feet are definitely gone for now...!

I have my 25 week appointment with the midwife on Tuesday morning so will be reporting back on that next week...

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