Sunday, 11 July 2010

17 weeks and a visit from Uncle Michael, Aunty Lesley and Alasdair

Sophie's Uncle Michael, Aunty Lesley and Alasdair arrived on Monday. They hadn't seen Sophie since the beginning of April and even then didn't really see her properly as she was out for her very first cuddles that day and was zipped inside my top!

They still couldn't get over how tiny she is even now. Alasdair was soooo cute with her and kept stroking her head and saying "baby". He can't say Sophie yet, and pronounces it "Dofoo"!

We spent a lot of time with them all week, and we all visited Great Granny for dinner as well. Michael and Lesley couldn't get over Sophie sleeping through Alasdair running round shouting and giggling!

Sophie has started doing proper smiles this week! I was getting huge smiles every time I kissed her. She has also started sucking her thumb, and has been trying to get both thumbs in at once! The health visitor weighed her again and she is now 6lb 15 and a half and starting to fit into some of her newborn clothes. She has a huge wardrobe of clothes to work her way through - a lot more than Alan and I put together! I'll need to make sure that she has plenty changes of outfits to get through them all (and create lots of washing for myself in the process!) I'm sure that won't be a problem as she is sick quite a lot and needs lots of changes!!

Sophie has started sleeping longer at night the past few nights and has been going through to 5.30 or 6 some mornings! I keep waking up all the time though, wondering why she has been so quiet! No doubt I will get used to it eventually....

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