Sunday, 18 July 2010

18 weeks and she's starting to squeak!

Sophie is now officially 4 months old, despite looking just like a little newborn! We had the health visitor again and she is now 7lb 7 and 22 inches long. She's getting so alert and starting to look us in the eye and squeak at us when we speak to her.

She's now fitting clothes that didn't fit her even last week, and she wore her little dressing gown for the first time this week - so cute! She looked like a little boxer in it!

We've visited all the grandparents a few times this week again, and Aunty Steph and Uncle Brian came to see us as well.

Daddy is due back at work tomorrow, and isn't happy about it. Neither am I! I'll miss him a lot and I'm so nervous about looking after Sophie on my own for the first time. He'll be out from 7am-7pm every day so they are long days. I'm sure I will be fine once I get used to things but I'm still a bit worried.

Looking much bigger in her car seat!

We had some nice family time today, with it being his last full day with us till next weekend. We took Sophie for a lovely walk by the sea at Spittal and she was actually awake for it, for once! So far, she has slept through it every time!

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