Sunday, 10 January 2010

18 weeks and definitely expanding

Well, here we are at 18 weeks already and it seems no time at all since we found out I was pregnant, 14 weeks ago today! We told close family almost immediately and a few close friends in the weeks after that, but kept it to ourselves until our 12 week scan at the beginning of December.

The scan picture isn't very good, as it was just on a little mobile scanner at our doctor's surgery, and they didn't have a printer, so Alan had to take this photo on his mobile - but you can make out little Baby B towards the right of the picture, in a kind of "sitting up" position! It was so amazing to see the baby backflipping into view, after hiding to start with!

I've had a really good pregnancy so far...touch wood! No morning sickness or any other nasty symptoms. I do feel very queasy when I have to go near a bin - "the bin boak" as it's called in our house! I had to have my own carrier bag on the cupboard door to use as a bin for a while, and I still can't empty the kitchen bin without gagging! I can't say I'm missing that task - or changing the cat litter, for that matter! Being pregnant does have its advantages :) The kitchen at work also makes me feel queasy, for some reason, but other than certain smells, that's all.

It's been much easier at work since I told them I was pregnant when we had the 12 week scan...I can now make my many trips to the loo without them wondering what kind of hideous disease I have, and can gag to my heart's content in the kitchen!

I have now had two midwife appointments. The first one was at 9 weeks and was a 2 hour appointment with lots and lots of questions, blood tests, height, weight etc etc etc and the second one was at 16 weeks, where it was just one blood test and we got to hear Baby B's heartbeat! It was so quiet to start with then all of a sudden really loud...the midwife said Baby B had come to the front of my stomach to see what was going on! We both felt quite emotional hearing it so clearly.

Baby B chose Christmas Day to start making his or her presence felt. I was peeling the potatoes for the Christmer dinner when I felt three little thumps and a lot of fluttering! I'd been feeling a little bit of fluttering for a few days before that but this was different - and an amazing feeling! I felt my first little kicks this week, at 17 weeks 4 days. Very gentle and not very often but definitely different from the fluttering and backflipping I'd been feeling up till now!

I have started to expand a lot - before the Christmas holidays there was the tiniest hint of a bump, but in the middle of the holidays I suddenly noticed that it was growing and I was just beginning to look pregnant rather than podgy round the tummy! I had to give in and brave the Next sale and managed to get one pair of maternity trousers and a pair of maternity jeans. My sister-in-law has also kindly lent me her button extenders which are very handy! Just over the past couple of days, after a bit of cramping and backache, a proper bump has suddenly appeared and I most definitely look pregnant at last! I'm just glad I told them at work before the holidays, as they'd have got quite a shock!

I've had a few cravings - always for savoury things - cheese is an ongoing one, also apples together with cheese, tomatoes, chutney and for a while, salt and vinegar crisps, which I used to hate! I have completely gone off coffee which isn't a bad thing!

We've had lots and lots of snow this week so I've had to pick my way around in case I slip - but have been loving the snow :)

Bump pictures coming next....

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