Sunday, 17 January 2010

19 weeks and I've grown again!

Baby Baxter is now approximately 15cm long and should weigh around 8oz...and I definitely look pregnant now, no doubt about it! Everyone got quite a shock at the sudden expansion half way through this quote my boss, "Bl**dy h*ll, you really ARE getting pregnant, you weren't this fat yesterday"!!!

Some people are convinced it's twins, most were thinking it was a boy earlier in the pregnancy but now I've had quite a few thinking it might be a girl - including one person whose theory was that it's a girl because I'm really girly and she could see me as a girl's mum! We're not going to find out the sex at my next scan which is in a couple of weeks...we are keeping it a surprise. I might try the wedding ring thing though, for a bit of fun!

I'm definitely more aware of the expanding belly and it's much harder to bend down and also to leap out of my chair as fast as I used to! It felt a bit funny at first but I'm getting used to it - and slowly getting used to seeing myself looking pregnant, which did look really strange at first!

I had my first ever episode of morning sickness believe it or not, at 18 weeks and 2 days! I'm hoping it was just a one-off. I've been fine ever since, so fingers crossed.....

Baby Baxter is getting more active as the days go on, and I'm much more aware of stronger movement now. I'm not getting proper hefty kicks yet but still little gentle ones that feel more like little pokes and prods. It's really reassuring to feel the movement, even if he/she does always get up around 11pm when I am just trying to get settled for sleep!

Baby brain is still a big problem - my memory is absolutely shocking and I am doing and saying the most ridiculous things! So far I have put Alan's deodorant in the fridge, written not one but TWO other people's names on the Christmas cards that we were signing at work instead of my own (that has to be the most impressive thing I've done yet!), gone looking for someone at work when I had just taken tea and coffee in to her in a meeting, and have forgotten many many things! I'm going to definitely have to start carrying a notebook around with me and making lists. I'm told that it's only going to get worse and that my memory will never return to normal!

Halfway next week....eeshk!

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