Sunday, 31 January 2010

21 weeks - scans and hormones!

This was a big week - we had our detailed 20 week scan on Thursday! It was also our first time in the maternity unit at the Borders General and I was trying my best not to look at the labour ward as we passed it - I'm still pretending that part isn't going to happen!

We had long enough to get used to the surroundings, as they were running about an hour late for the scan...not really what pregnant ladies with full bladders want to hear!

I ended up having to give in and go for a pee and then drink some more water and I'm glad I did!

The long wait was well worth it when we saw little baby B in so much detail. The first view we saw was a little foot flat against the screen - it was so cute! It made me laugh, and when I laughed, Baby B gave me a hefty boot, which I saw as well as felt, and the sonographer said even she had felt it!

We could not have found out the sex even if we had wanted to, as Baby B is such a little wriggler. The poor woman had quite a job trying to get him or her to co-operate but she did manage to see everything she needed to, and Baby B seems perfectly healthy. Looks like we have quite a little bundle of energy on our hands though! We saw the heart beating really strongly, and we also saw the kidneys, arms, legs, feet, hands, stomach, head, ears etc etc. We caught a little glimpse of his or her face during one of the many somersaults! We both felt quite emotional seeing our little baby so clearly!

We got some beautiful pictures this time and we can't believe how clearly they have come out, unlike our first scan where Alan had to take a picture of the screen on his phone because there was no printer!

Baby B seems to have a leg at a really strange angle on this picture....takes after his or her mummy in that respect!

There was one point where there was a leg folder underneath, in the exact same position I like to sit in!

I couldn't believe how drained I felt after the scan - must have been all the excitement, and the long wait!

Baby B has become much more active this week and I have been getting some really strong kicks - always after I eat or drink and at bedtime. Daddy-to-be felt his first kick the night before the scan - I had put my hand on my stomach to see if I could feel it yet when it was kicking like a little fiend, and I felt it so I got Alan to put his hand on my stomach and after a good long wait it happened again. I will be interested to see what happens with the kicking when I play the piano!

The bump has grown again this week, and the pregnancy hormones have arrived with a vengeance! Yesterday I got so worked up over a lightbulb that Alan said you would think the house was falling down, and I also nearly lost it with two annoying assistants in Marks and Spencers....I really wanted to thump them! Finding nice maternity clothes seems to be quite a problem...I am fast outgrowing my normal clothes and I'm really going to have to have a good search for some maternity tops.

We did venture into Mothercare and had a look at the pram that we have our eye on and we have also started eyeing up some baby many cute things out there!

Some sad news this week is that my granny passed away in the early hours of this morning. We had been expecting it for three weeks, but that doesn't make it any easier to deal with. I wish she had lived to meet Baby B, but at least she knew that he or she was on the way and was really happy for us. RIP Granny Sinclair, we will never forget you :(

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