Sunday, 24 January 2010

20 weeks, and we are half way to getting a baby!

I can't believe I am now at the half way point...although in another way it seems like an eternity since that day 16 weeks ago, standing in the kitchen and saying to Alan "Don't get your hopes up just yet but I think there is a chance that I might be pregnant"! That was after two cheap and nasty tests which had very faint lines on them, and some searching on the internet told me that a line was a line! I did a proper test later on and it was definitely positive but I was still a bit scared to believe it was actually true! But here we are, 16 weeks later and very definitely pregnant.

It's been quite a week. I had a little bit of a scare on Monday night which sent me into a panic, but our lovely neighbour who's a nurse came straight round and checked me out, listened to the heartbeat which she assured me was very strong and regular, felt my stomach and said she could feel the baby moving. Mum and I went up to Berwick Maternity Clinic on Tuesday so I could hear the heartbeat for myself and put my mind at rest so at least I got to hear Baby B an extra time - and mum got to hear her grandchild for the first time, which she loved!

I am now being watched like a hawk both at home and at work after being told to take it easy...lots of people looking after me!

The heartbeat was very loud, and the midwife spent a long time listening to it and telling us what Baby B was doing with each little noise. We could even hear it kicking the doppler every time she moved it! It's certainly a very active baby...possible even slightly hyper, like his or her mummy (sorry Alan - hope you can cope with two of us!)

I've been getting much stronger kicks this week and can feel Baby B somersaulting around every time I have something to eat or drink or try to settle down for sleep! Last night I was getting very definite kicks as soon as I went to bed - it's a lovely feeling though. Part of me still thinks "ooh, what was that?!" when I feel it kicking but I am getting used to it and find it very reassuring.

I think I am about to grow again...I've noticed that I get slightly achey round the stomach just before I expand again. I have grown a little bit this week and can see less of my feet when I look down. I can still see my toes though!

Mum has been in hospital for her long-awaited hip replacement this week, and I am trying to convince her to hang onto her grabby claw thing that she was given for picking things up - could come in very handy when I am the size of a house! I do have the very useful skill of being able to pick things up with my feet, although my darling husband finds that creepy...I can't think why!

We are off to the Borders General for the 20 week scan on Thursday afternoon so we are looking forward to seeing baby B for the first time in 8 weeks. Hopefully I might have a picture to post with the next update!

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